Yoni Ki Baat

Yoni Ki Baat is a growing collection of authentic, bold, vivid, tender, powerful, and poignant stories told by South Asian women. Seattle’s Yoni Ki Baat has taken a creative life of its own in a unique space of sharing and community through sourcing and presenting true stories from local South Asian women. Each year our narratives shed light on the special challenges and opportunities experienced in the South Asian socio-cultural context, whether in native lands or in adopted homelands. Acknowledging female sexuality as an essential aspect of identity, experience and expression, this transformative space encourages South Asian women to express their challenges, hopes, dreams, breakdowns, breakthroughs, and aspirations for change on behalf of their bodies.

This year's Yoni Ki Baat is directed by Rituja Indapure.

Yoni Ki Baat was founded by South Asian Sisters in the Bay Area in 2003. 15% of the total revenue will be donated to API Chaya.

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Say It! Name It!


I Deserve

Things They Said

Finding Me

Finding Strength


When You Stand Up
and Speak


To Mother, I Wish...


Raise Your Hand
With Me!


written and performed by All

written and performed by Rozina (on 4/21, by Jaya

written and performed by Gazelle

written and performed by Nimisha

written and performed by Shraddha

written by Rakhi
and performed by Nimisha

written and performed by Gazelle

written by Nimisha
and performed by Jaya

crowd-sourced with YKB sisters,
written and performed 
by Shraddha and Rozina

written and performed by Jaya

written and performed by All

All events are at the Seattle Asian Art Museum: 1400 East Prospect Street, Seattle, WA 98112

Aaina 2012 is produced and presented by Tasveer in collaboration with the Gardner Center for Asian Arts and Ideas