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Yoni Ki Baat is a growing collection of authentic, bold, vivid, tender, powerful and poignant stories narrated by South Asian women. YKB acknowledges that female sexuality is an essential aspect of identity, experience and expression. This space transforms and encourages South Asian women to express their challenges, hopes, dreams, breakdowns and aspirations for change.   Yoni Ki Baat is back for its 11th fabulous show in Seattle, directed by afrose fatima ahmed. Yoni is a complex word: it is used to refer to the vagina or vulva. Yet its literal meaning in Sanskrit is "sacred space" and it is a symbol for divine creative energy. When we get out of our heads and into our yonis, we find that they are telling stories; about our pasts, about our ancestors, about the world. Our yonis ask us to pay attention to our bodies; how we feel, what we need, what we desire. And they demand that we recognize that we are animals; born of yonis, born of this earth, connected to the land with an umbilical cord of light.   
Come share this sacred space with us and hear, see and feel the yoni ki baat of seven brave people.
Inspired by Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues, Yoni Ki Baat was originally started by South Asian Sisters, a progressive collective of South Asian women based in San Francisco area in 2003. Today, Yoni Ki Baat is performed across the United States by South Asian women telling authentic, bold, vivid, tender, powerful and poignant stories. 5% of the ticket sales will be donated to API Chaya.  

yoni ki baat stories

the yoni.

neeta: "enjoying every bite"
arti: "self love"

the body.

shreya: "suffocation hurts"
angeli: "sacred"
shanti: "when i dance"

the earth.

krysta: "gateway to my yoni"
anju: "i grew up here"



FRI 4/15, 7p - 9p
SAT 4/16, 7p - 9p
SUN 4/17, 3p - 5p


Tickets: Free but reserve them online.

Reserve tickets online or call at 206.654.3210