Naach, The Dance

(Dir. Saba Dewan, India, 84min) Sonpur cattle fair in rural Bihar comes alive every evening when more than fifty girls take to the stage and dance for an all male audience. A barbed wire fence separates the performers from the spectators. It is a dance charged with sexual energy. The girls dance, make eye contact, beckon, gesticulate and even abuse a highly responsive all male audience.

What meanings related to contemporary construction and practice of gender, sexuality, labour and popular culture can we read in the dance of the female performer?


  • Pusan International Film Festival, 2008
  • Madurai International Documentary Film Festival, 2008
  • 14ª Mostra Internacional do Filme Etnográfico, Rio de Janeiro, 2009
  • Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival, 2010
  • Beeld voor Beeld Film Festival, Amsterdam, 2010
  • Engendered Film Festival, New York, 2010
  • Persistence Resistance Film Festival, New Delhi, 2010